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Sunday March 19
 Serve Week Prayer WarriorsAnywhere! Anytime! Anyplace!Andrew Dellicker3/19/2017 12:00 AMVolunteer...X
The importance of this project can not be over emphasized! We need all people praying before, during and after Serve Week! We want God to move in the lives of those we are serving, in our lives and in the lives of our communities!
Volunteers Still Needed: Unlimited!
Tuesday April 25
 Fairhaven Rescue Mission - Serving Food260 Pike Street Covington - ring door bell at front entrance and someone on the team will let you in. Paul Barth4/25/2017 5:15 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Serve food and hang out with men at shelter. Worship service after dinner led by First Church Men. Adults and high school students. Please note location.
Saturday April 29
 Ludlow Isaiah House - Outreach830 Elm Street Ludlow - Outside Parking Lot Ruth Walton4/29/2017 8:00 AMVolunteer...X
Assist regular team with monthly Ludlow Outreach. Various areas to serve including, serve lunch, guest registration, cart pushing and prayer/encouragement. Great family project.
Volunteers Still Needed: 1
 Cresview Lakes Park - Door Repair904 Jenny Court FlorenceJim Markesbery4/29/2017 9:00 AMVolunteer...X
Repair entrance door on trailer.
Volunteers Still Needed: 2
 Crestview Lakes Park - Build Wheelchair Ramp1141 Amber Drive FlorenceJeff Risheberger4/29/2017 9:00 AMAll Spots Filled...X
Build ramp for wheelchair access into trailer. Carpenter skills needed for this project. Will also be digging holes and pouring concrete.
 Emergency Shelter NKY - Cleaning/Organizing634 Scott Blvd Covington. Parking lot is on the side. Meet in front of the shelter.Judi Lampa4/29/2017 9:00 AMAll Spots Filled...X
If cleaning and organizing is your gift...this project is for You. We'll be working in the pantry, kitchen, and storage areas. Adults, Middle School and High School students. Please note location.
 Mosby's Pointe - Club House Update10367 Garden Drive Florence - Meet at Clubhouse in entrance of park.Jason West4/29/2017 9:00 AMVolunteer...X
Paint one large room in the clubhouse, light cleaning, hang new blinds, light repair on outside deck. Please contact Jason if you have painting equipment. Adults and High Schools age.
Volunteers Still Needed: 4
 R.C. Durr YMCA Senior Sock Hop Set Up5874 Veterans Way BurlingtonDiana Tripp4/29/2017 12:30 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Assist senior center with annual sock hop event by setting up and decorating. Adults and MS/HS students please.
 R.C. Durr YMCA Senior Sock Hop Party5874 Veterans Way BurlingtonDiana Tripp4/29/2017 3:00 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Assist Senior Center with annual Sock Hop event. Fun includes helping seniors to table, serving food, working raffle, dancing with seniors. Help clean up after event. Optional but fun - wear 50's attire. Adults and MS/HS students please.
 Capernaum - Special Needs Companion6080 Camp Ernst Road Burlington - Come to the gym for the fun!Denise Kendrick4/29/2017 5:30 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Have fun while being a buddy for one of the Special Needs students attending the Capernaum event in the Burlington Gym. You'll hang out with your friend while playing games and eating dinner. Great project for Adults and High School students.
Monday May 01
 Whiz Kids Year End Party - Provide Side Dish6080 Camp Ernst Road Burlington - drop off at kitchen in the Burlington Campus.Sonja Moll5/1/2017 10:00 AMAll Spots Filled...X
Prepare side dish (enough for 12) or dessert for year end family dinner; drop off food ready to eat by 4:45pm on Monday May 1st to the Burlington Campus main Kitchen.
 Whiz Kids Year End Party Helper6080 Camp Ernst Road Burlington Room FC 101-104Julie Flanagan5/1/2017 5:00 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Serve dinner, and get to know our Whiz Kids families. Great project for Whiz Kids Tutors and families.
Tuesday May 02
 Old Kentucky Christmas (OKC) Prep6080 Camp Ernst Road Burlington - Room FC 102 right across from the kitchen.Jeff Martin5/2/2017 10:00 AMAll Spots Filled...X
Help prep various crafts for Old Kentucky Christmas event. A fun project for folks who need to be seated while serving.
Wednesday May 03
 Prince of Peace Community Meal - Serve Food1528 Race Street Cincinnati - Suggest to ride together as parking is limited. Enter through front door facing Race Street. Julie Ossege5/3/2017 5:30 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Help provide food and serve to friends at the Prince of Peace Church. Adults, High School students but should be accompanied by an adult to serve at this shelter.
 Burlington Elementary - Outdoor Clean UpBurlington Elementary, 5946 N. Orient Street Burlington. Meet at the front entrance of the school.Alissa Lancaster5/3/2017 6:00 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Clean up yard work on Outside Learning Lab at Burlington Elementary. Great project for families!
Thursday May 04
 Santa's Workshop Prep6080 Camp Ernst Road Burlington - Student building Orange room #4Dalynn Jensen5/4/2017 4:00 PMAll Spots Filled...X
It may not be December yet but we're already planning for the Santa's Workshop Event. Help prep various craft items and mittens. This project is perfect for all ages!
 Carmal Manor - Party for Residents100 Carmel Manor Road Fort Thomas KY 41075Ashley Engler5/4/2017 6:00 PMAll Spots Filled...X
If you enjoy a good party, this project if for you. Help the residents with making a craft and spending time with them. Great project for families.
 Picnic Table Painting6080 Camp Ernst Road Burlington Campus Inside BarnGary Webster5/4/2017 6:30 PMAll Spots Filled...X
Looking for families or parent/child teams to stain 6 picnic tables. We'll be painting the tables inside the barn at the Burlington Campus. These tables will go on the playground and grassy area surrounding playground at Mosby's Pointe.
Saturday May 06
 Care Net Center - Yard Work/Indoor Update7134 Price Pike FlorenceKatrina Reinzan5/6/2017 9:00 AMAll Spots Filled...X
Yard Work/landscaping in front and side of Care net building. Please bring rake, wheelbarrow, and brooms. Light painting, replace damaged ceiling tiles, strip and wax floors, shampoo carpets. This project is great for Adults and Middle/High School students.
 Master Provisions - Wash Trucks7725 Foundation Drive FlorenceRic Bishop5/6/2017 9:00 AMVolunteer...X
We will be cleaning the fleet of trucks used by the Master Provisions Ministry to make their daily grind more enjoyable. There may be some light rust removal and re-painting of bumpers, wheels, or other stuff. No skill required - just helpful hands. A great family project.
Volunteers Still Needed: 6
 Potters Ranch - Outdoor Clean Up5194 Beaver Road Union 41091. Meet at the office/cafeteria area.Doug Williams5/6/2017 10:00 AMVolunteer...X
This project is for Men. Outdoor clean up and organizing, could be heavy lifting.
Volunteers Still Needed: 3
 Mosby's Pointe - Summer Kick Off Party10367 Garden Drive FlorenceAlison Rush5/6/2017 11:30 AMVolunteer...X
Block Party/Grill Out with lots of Food, Outdoor games, Fun for everyone. Set up 11:00am, clean up 2-3:00pm; family friendly, all ages welcome.
Volunteers Still Needed: 15
 South Pointe - Summer Kick Off Party6032 South Pointe Drive BurlingtonSallie Sparks5/6/2017 11:30 AMVolunteer...X
Block Party /Grill Out. Set up at 11:00am, clean up 2-3:00pm; family friendly, all ages welcome.
Volunteers Still Needed: 10
Saturday May 13
 Emergency Shelter NKY - Picnic/Grill Out634 Scott Blvd Covington. Parking lot is on the side of the building. Please park across the street in the public garage. Just follow the smell of the yummy food to the front entrance. Ruby Bosshammer 5/13/2017 11:00 AMVolunteer...X
We'll be cooking hot dogs, burgers and serving sides to our guests who live around or may have stayed at the Emergency Shelter. Participants will be asked to bring a side dish to share. Lots of food and fun. All ages welcome. Please note location.
Volunteers Still Needed: 7
 Lunch with Widow(er)6080 Camp Ernst Road Burlington 41005Evan Dallas5/13/2017 11:30 AMAll Spots Filled...X
We are providing a nice lunch for any widow(er) who'd like to attend. If you like to cook we'd love you to sign up for this project. Looking for folks to bring a side dish that serves 12 or any dessert. Please bring the food to the Burlington Campus kitchen by 11:00 am on May 13th. We are also looking for folks to help serve the food. *Please note - This project's date and time has been changed from it's original schedule.

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